How to start your web site for zero dollars

How to start your web site for zero dollars

First you can get a free domain name at They allow you to register up to 100 free domains. I have,,,, and They are not all active yet but I have been maintaining websites at two of them.

Then you get free webspace at They offer quality free hosting with 1 GB disk space, 5 GB of traffic, 1 domain and 3 subdomains, php, mysql, and a cpanel interface. You can also use ftp to maintain your website. To prevent spammers from abusing their service there are restrictions on email. But there are many places with free email much better than most webmail interfaces anyway. If you want an email tied to your website try to get or something like that.

After you get your webspace you have to tie your domain name to your webspace to make it all work. This is done through the magic of name servers. Log in to your account at and click on the pencil below Manage next to your domain name. Then click on Nameserver. Add and in the top two text boxes. That's all there is to it. After just a little while you should be able to enter your domain name in your browser and go to your website hosted on awardspace.

Cool, huh? Completely free.

Here are the two websites I am currently running this way. The first is called MixRemix and it is dedicated to promoting free culture art and music. I am using a WordPress blog that I installed from Awardspace's control panel. They also have Joomla that you can auto install if WordPress isn't your thing.

I also have an internet radio station called LMAJazz that is running on my won KGPL radio software. This site is dedicated to promoting jazz musicians that post at the Live Music Archive found at the Internet Library,

Take a few minutes and explore these sites. Listen to some jazz at LMAJazz while you read about free culture at MixRemix. These are both projects I have been wanting to do. Since I didn't have to spend any money this made it easy for me to push go. Do you have an idea for a website that you might like to work on? Using and you can explore your ideas without financial commitment. Then if your idea takes off and you need more resources awardspace will allow you to upgrade to a paid plan.

Have fun.