Memphis Gold

Chester Chandler. Blues Artist Memphis Gold Rave Review From U.K. Magazine
This guy certainly has the credentials to be a real
Blues Star

Reviewer: Byron Foulger (Blues & Rhythm Magazine)

This album was originally reviewed by Howard Rye in
B&R 2000,when it was described as being on the Memphis
Gold label and without a number. The 'current release'
was recieved in the B&R offices with a label on the
back of the jewel case indicating that Jim O`neal's
Stackhouse label(See has taken over
promotion of it with the label number Stackhouse
SRC-1911. I certainly hope that the album now gets the
distribution and promotion it deserves, because this
is simply one heck of an album. A very strong vocalist
and guitarist, Memphis Gold(alias Chester 'Chet
Chandler) has a varied backing crew to assist him,
including saxes, organ, harmonica, bass, drums-and
another guitar. He calls his music "Sanctified Beale
Street Urban Gutbucket Blues' and performed on Beale
Street as a child, learning from the legendary blues
and gospel guitarist Reverend Robert Wilkins (hence
the inclusion of Prodigal Son). His influences are
understated, in that there are no blatant comparisons
to be made, but this album has a varied mixture of
many 'blues' and bluesy' sounds. The main thing though
is that the whole album, at the same time, sounds both
traditional and modern. This is really fine blues, and
if there is such styling that allows blues to go
forward and remain (within reason of course) popular
then surely this could - perhaps should - be it. Quite
why nothing has been heard of Memphis Gold since the
original'issue' of this album I don`t know, this guy
certainly has the credentials to be a real blues star,
mixing straight blues, gospel, funk, r&b and most
anything else that is artistically good.As far as I
know 'Gold' hasn`t appeared at any 'major'
Euro-festival, or very often on blues festivals in his
homeland, again, why I don`t know. Howard described
him as a major talent, I can`t disagree with that. He
also advised readers to buy the album on the basis
that it would soon become a 'tomorrow`s classic'.
again I can`t disagree- in other words get it while
you can.