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New Released CD Claudio Scolari

New Released April 2007 Claudio Scolari "Dreams and emotions of city"
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"Dreams and emotions of city" album entirely composed by Claudio, who
here plays the battery, the percussions, the sinth and piano,on his
side we find the guitarist Donnie Romano and Simone Scolari trumpet
and as special guest the singer Martina Gianotti in a track.The
artistic purpose is clear since the first listening, Scolari loves to
test and to seek new expression languages, taking inspiration from
musics like jazz, blues and ethnic music. He plays with blending,
decomposing and ricomponing rhythms and melodies giving new life and
color to ancient always new emotions.

Scolari had the honor of to collaborate with some of the most
prestigious italian symphonic orchestras starting from the National
Symphonic Orchestra of the Italian Broadcasting Corporation. He
participated in four editions of the Pavarotti & Friends and
collaborated with a considerable number of artists, going from Uto
Ughi to Steve Gadd, but if you want to go deeper I suggest you to
visit his internet site where you will
be able to find all the information on this artist.

Reviewer: Norman Darwen (click for website)
Experimental Italian composer and drummer/ percussionist/ pianist
Claudio Scolari has come up with a set that should certainly intrigue
and fascinate the more (or very!) broad-minded blues lover. Whilst
some tracks seem to owe almost everything to contemporary classical
music or free form jazz, and some are poems, music that sets a mood
and creates images in the listener's mind, some are jazzy in a Duke
Ellington or Miles Davis kind of way thanks to the trumpet playing of
Simone Scolari. The closing number is almost =96 almost - conventional
jazz-funk. Several feature the unfettered electric blues playing of
guitarist Donnie Romano, who can play sweet and melodic (try 'City
Man') or out-and =96out blues-rock (take a listen to 'Calatrava's
Bridge' or 'Walk Out In The City') . This may not be the kind of thing
you'll play over and over again but it is certainly intriguing and a
different use of blues shadings. Claudio obviously does not believe in
playing it safe!