Bluesman Willie King DVD released by Dutch filmmakers

Bluesman Willie King DVD released by Dutch filmmakers

Dear friends of the blues,

Two blues loving Dutch filmmakers have produced a DVD Documentary on the
remarkable bluesman Willie King.
Willie King is a true original living deep in the woods of Alabama.
His life is devoted to the blues and he is an exceptional promoter of African
American culture.
The DVD is an independent production and we hope that you are willing to give
publicity to this release.
It contains a 63-minute documentary and 40 minutes of live music.
The DVD is available at Willie King's website ( and at
Visible World Films website (
For further info and clips you can visit

Best regards,

Saskia Rietmeijer & Bart Drolenga


Willie King DVD Documentary "Down in the Woods" Released

"Down in the Woods" is a DVD about the life and music of Alabama bluesman Willie
King. The film takes viewers on a journey into the world of Willie King, a
backwood, juke-joint musician who lives and breathes the blues every moment of
his life.

The DVD is a fascinating collage of Willie King's life and many activities,
illuminated with searing live performances and encounters with his family,
friends, fellow musicians like T-Model Ford and music experts such as Peter
Guralnick. It enables the viewer to experience what it is like to be a bluesman
living in the Alabama Black Belt, "down in the woods."

Born on a cotton plantation in Prairie Point, Mississippi in 1943 the son of
poor sharecroppers, Willie was drawn to the blues at an early age. He made his
first guitar out of bailing wire when he was seven and has been playing ever
since. Cotton picker, moon shiner, juke joint owner, civil rights activist and
social worker, Willie has done them all and now is one of the most popular
blues musicians around.

He plays big stages and festivals but always returns to his beloved Old
Memphis, a small and mostly African-American community in rural Alabama where he
lives in an old trailer and preaches the blues at house parties and in
ramshackle juke joints. Willie spends much of his time supporting his local
community and teaching young people the traditional culture and survival skills
passed on to him from his people's share cropping and slave ancestors.

Willie King is one of the true innovators of the blues in the tradition of
Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker. His music is powerful, an exciting,
danceable mix of rural blues, soul and boogie, all in his own distinctive
style.King's lyrics are often political, fighting racism and a voice for poor
blacks in the South. He preaches a message of peace, togetherness and social
justice for all people around the world.

Dutch filmmakers Saskia Rietmeijer and Bart Drolenga of Visible World Films
came to America with the intention of producing a documentary about African
American arts and culture in the deep South. When they met Willie, they were so
impressed that they decided instead to devote their efforts to creating a DVD
about Willie's life and times.