Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn

Hi Ya'll - Just put another Album up that is Harley Related. Some pics of various Harleys I've had over the tears. Hope you enjoy them.


Tagline: Doc's Blues can sooth your sadness in so many different ways you're bound to like one!

Younger generations claim that seeing "MistaBluesman" play his acoustic guitars is like hanging with your Grandpa on a back porch on a steamy, lazy Summer evening with your Grandpa playing his guitar while casually mesmerizing you with rich playing and soulfully baritone vocals.

           North East Texas Bluesman


MistaBluesman's Prophetic Blues started it's life in 1955 when his Father handed MistaBluesman his first guitar.

MistaBluesman's Father (Buddy Quinn), Mother (Lois Quinn), Sisters (Donna, Della, Dorothy) and Freddie Thomas are all credited in the teaching of basic guitar and love for the Blues Guitar to MistaBluesman.

From that day to this very day MistaBluesman states that every lick on his guitars is sounded for the pleasure of music lovers/listeners worldwide.

MistaBluesman is living proof that in many aspects of life, age is indeed relative and music is timeless.

If my Blues eased your sadness and heartache then as a true Bluesman, I have done my job! - Doc ;-)>


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After the health and safety of my family and friends my second main interest is of course The Blues. For many years I have been playing my guitars (57 years) and still today enjoy soothing the sadness of broken hearts. I love all music but The Blues is of course my main fix. My style sort of favors Albert King and I guess I owe that to the thousands of hours I must have spent listening to him. No so much trying to copy Albert but just always loved to listen to him play. With a touch of gospel, country, jazz, rock & roll and Blues in my soul I produce a sound of my own. Works for me and I hope it works for you.

Thanks for your time and ears and I always do my best to make the rounds to see who's playing around me. I will spin all of you I can find! Thanks Again - Doc ;-)


Twitter username: mistabluesman

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