The Mudcats

Tagline: Blues Fest House Band

The Mudcats started when we had a Blues Fest act call in sick. Several musicians from the audience joined Hairy Larry to play the set. From then on when we had an emergency we called on The Mudcats. One year no emergencies happened and the audience was coming up and saying, "When are The Mudcats playing?" So now we're on the schedule and we often host the jam sessions that start the day.

Current personnel

Hairy Larry - vocals, guitar and harmonica
George - vocals and bass
Mike "Zif" Lovell - guitar and lapsteel
Cheryl Culp - vocals
Mad Dog Willie - harmonica
Rev. Rick - harmonica and vocals
Carl Abraham - drums
Luke Reed - drums

Of course, we always have guests.

Here's a link to the Mudcats CD, Blues Fest House Band.

You can also link over to The Mudcats on the Live Music Archive for recordings of live shows.

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