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  • Great Jazz Improv session at TheArtsAt311 Thursday. Good times and good music.

  • I am HairyLarryLand. It's what I do.

  • I added the Photo Gallery and started uploading pics.

  • I had a good time at Kier and Roro's Christmas Party last night.

  • I met singer/songwriter Katy Bishop last night at TheArts@311. She's really good.

  • I have two new albums I hope to release over Christmas break. Chris "Stinger" Stevens and The Flying Hungarians. #music #blues #jazz

  • Just got home from the church Christmas Party. I sat on Mrs. Claus's lap. Oh, and we ate too.

  • KASU is going on break and I turned in the last 2 shows of the year. Alan Evans Trio and Will Bernards Projects and then The Brewers. #music

  • Thanx Larry for your kindness and continued support.. Proud to be a part of DBN...Wishing you all a Rocking Xmas and a Rolling New Year 2013

  • I wrote a widget to put AddThis Share Buttons on everyone's profile. Yay Elgg for being extensible. #elgg #widget