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  • Blues Fest today, Sunday, September 13. Starts at 3:00. Hairy Larry's Merry Pranksters, Striding The Blast, Epic Wind. See you there.

  • I posted our Mudcats Blues Fest show with Chris "Stinger" Stevens to the Hairy Larry's Merry Pranksters page.

  • We had two cool Sundays at Blues Fest. Hope the weather holds Sept 20 for Crowley's Ridge String Band, Zyndall Raney Band and The Wolfpack.

  • Blues Fest tomorrow Sept 27, starts at 2:00. Travis Travis, Crowley's Ridge String Band, Zyndall Raney Band, Rick Lane and The Wolfpack Band

  • I got to play with the 11:00 Small Group last night at the Fowler. "Blues In The Closet", "Eternal Triangle", and "Blues For Wood". Fun!

  • Working on Matt Lucas CD, "Matt Gets Blue". It's what you think it is, "Massage Parlour Blues", "Vibrator Blues", funny stuff. #MattLucas

  • Check this out. Matt's a great musician who has played it all, blues, jazz, and rock and roll. #blues #jazz #rock

  • Funky Blues & Southern Soul - vol. 1

  • I've been updating the show info for Something Blue. #music #blues

  • We had a blast a SkinnyJs last night. Thanks to the peeps there for their help and to all our friends for coming out for the #music. #blues