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  • Circular Logic on the Live Music Archive

    NJHB - Circular Logic 1. Mosaic 2. Colossus 3. Circular Logic 4. Spiral Galaxy

    Tags: jazz, HairyLarryLand, Jonesboro, Arkansas, NJHB, Circular Logic, Live Music Archive

  • Bebop Beatniks at HairyLarryLand September 12, 2014

    01 Eight Ball with excerpt from "All Souls' Night" by W. B. Yeats02 Stella By Starlight03 Church04 My Funny Valentine"Eight Ball" and "Church" by Larry HeylPersonnelMike Newson - Tenor SaxMatt Jackson - bassLisa Kincaide - drums, xylophoneHairy Larry - piano, vocals, xylophone

    Tags: music, jazz, poetry, Yeats, Bebop Beatniks, Hairy Larry, HairyLarryLand, Jonesboro, Arkansas

  • Jonesboro Blues

    New jazz recorded Sunday at HairyLarryLand featuring Carl Holden, Brian Hickman, and Matt Bounds. Four originals, "Waitin' For Basie", "YAFB", and "Cantilever Divination" by Larry Heyl and "Jonesboro Blues" by Carl Holden.

    Tags: blues, jazz, guitar, Jonesboro, Arkansas, HairyLarryLand, Hairy Larry, Carl Holden

  • HairyLarryLand Blog - The Icosahedron

    Tags: HairyLarryLand, studio, icosahedron, recording

  • Delta Legends - All Over Again

    New Delta Legends CD released on HairyLarryLand.

    Tags: Delta Legends, Jeremy Burnett, John Shepherd, Hairy Larry, Jonesboro, Arkansas, AR, blues, buskers, HairyLarryLand

  • HairyLarryLand Blog - Cody Ballard In The Big Room

    Cody Ballard and Corey Emerson overdubbed their parts for the NJHB CD, "Stinger", at HairyLarryLand. Everyone else was recorded live at TheArts@311. Great guitar jazz with a lot of blues in it.

    Tags: Cody Ballard, Corey Emerson, NJHB, Stinger, Chris Stevens, Mike Lovell, jazz, blues, HairyLarryLand

  • HairyLarryLand

    Where we are at. Get our CDs.

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