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  • New NJHB CD, Colossus, from our February 2 show features Don Bowyer on trombone. #jazz, #blues, #music

  • The "Colossus" video by NJHB is up on YouTube. #jazz #music

  • Hear NJHB at TheArtsAt311 Saturday, Aug 3, at 8:00. Original artwork for new CD "Cookin' For Piper" will be on display. No cover. Free CD.

  • We had an excellent recording session this afternoon with NJHB. Our first show is Saturday, Jan 5 at TheArts@311. #jazz #blues #music

  • Here's the NJHB CD, "Circular Logic". Legal downloads. #jazz #music

  • New Jazz In Jonesboro, 8:00 tonight at TheArtsAt311, 311 S. Church, featuring NJHB. All musicians welcome to play. Public invited. No cover.

  • Here's the first Related To Geeks vlog post. The theme music is my song "Colossus" recorded by NJHB.

  • NJHB had a great show last night. Today I'm working on the recordings and on Something Blue featuring our next Jazz Thursday band, Caprice.

  • Cody Ballard played a great session for the NJHB album I'm finishing. Corey Emerson dubbed the bass earlier so now it's mix and master.

  • I've been working on video production from last weeks New Jazz In Jonesboro show. NJHB - "Colossus" first up. #jazz #music