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  • Jazz Thursday, Hairy Larry and George, New Jazz In Jonesboro

    Jazz Thursday, Hairy Larry and George, New Jazz In JonesboroHi,Jazz Thursday begins again at 6:30 on January 24 at TheArts@311, 311 S. Church St. in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The featured act this month is Caprice, an outstanding group of ASU jazz students who take their music seriously. These guys pl...

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  • Invite to Jazz Thursday featuring Caprice tonight, Jan 24 at 6:30

    Hi, It's Jazz Thursday tonight featuring Caprice. The show is at TheArts@311 and it starts at 6:30. After Caprice plays there will be a set we call Jamming With The Swing Band Project where instrumentalists and vocalists are invited to participate. The Swing Band Project specializes in Swing Jaz...

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  • New NJHB CD, Colossus, from our February 2 show at New Jazz In Jonesboro.

    NJHB lived up to New Jazz in Jonesboro, performing all originals on February 2. Band members, Matt Jackson, Don Bowyer and Hairy Larry contributed compositions to the evening. What a treat to hear these guys bring their talent to the stage, not just with their writing skills, but also in their pe...

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  • Bebopalooza! and more

    Prequel to Bebopalooza!KASU Jazz Thursday Blues Edition at TheArts@311.April 25 at 6:30 - pass the hatFeaturing The Delta Blues Aces, Adriane Allyn, and Striding The Blast.The Mudcats host a blues jam.Bebopalooza!April 26 1:00-5:00 pm at The ASU Pavilion - No cover charge1:00 Caprice2:00 CJ Hoove...

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  • New NJHB CD, Stinger

    I'm pleased to announce the new NJHB CD, "Stinger" featuring guest artist, Chris "Stinger" Stevens. Recorded at The Arts@311 as part of the New Jazz In Jonesboro program in 2013 I just finished the album over two years later. Thanks to Corey Emerson, bass, and Cody Ballard, tenor sax, for overdub...

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  • Chris "Stinger" Stevens at TheArts@311

    We have a guest guitarist coming in from Illinois, Chris "Stinger" Stevens. Some of you know him from his performances at the bandshell. He is doing a solo acoustic show Friday night and will also be guest at New Jazz In Jonesboro on Saturday. Both events are at TheArts@311 and both start at 7:...

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