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  • Memphis Gold

    Chester Chandler. Blues Artist Memphis Gold Rave Review From U.K. Magazine This guy certainly has the credentials to be a real Blues Star Reviewer: Byron Foulger (Blues & Rhythm Magazine) (U.K.)England This album was originally reviewed by Howard Rye in B&R 2000,when it was desc...

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  • Claudio Scolari CD

    New Released CD Claudio Scolari New Released April 2007 Claudio Scolari "Dreams and emotions of city" THE Apple iTunes LINK WILL BE: 3893538 ...

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  • *Matthew Robinson & The Jelly Kings* - Delta Boogie Tumblr Blog

    *Matthew Robinson & The Jelly Kings* *”Work That Jelly”* *One Man And His Dog Records* *By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © January 2015*

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  • D. A. Foster - ”The Real Thing”

    Peter Blewzzman Lauro reviews the D.A. Foster CD, "The Real Thing".

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  • Eef - ”All Rivers Run To The Sea”

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing her perform at a pro jam at the Rum Boogie Cafe in Memphis and now I’m experiencing the pleasure of getting to work on her fourth release - “*All Rivers Run To The Sea*” The CD features seven original tracks, with six of them penned by Eef - on lead gu...

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