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 21st Century Jazz Composers

 Bebop Beatniks
 Original Jazz from Northeast Arkansas

 Chill Jazz Piano

 Chill Jazz Piano
 Videos on Tumblr

 Delta Boogie
 Blues on Youtube

 Delta Boogie

 Delta Legends
 John Shepherd, Jeremy Burnett, Hairy Larry

 DJ Hairy Larry
 From Hairy Larry Rocks Links

 From The Archives Of Something Blue
 Hairy Larry's Arkansas Roots Podcast


 From Hairy Larry Rocks Links

 Videos on Tumblr

 Hairy Larry
 On the Live Music Archive

 Hairy Larry Rocks
 Around the clock

 Hairy Larry Videos
 Hairy Larry's Youtube Channel

 Hairy Larry Writes
 Everything I Post

 Internet Archive
 MixRemix Radio

 Internet Archive
 Something Blue Archives

 Jazz Buskers
 All about the joy of busking jazz music

 Jazz Buskers

 Jazz Fantastic
 Jazz on Youtube

 Hairy Larry Rocks Links

 Collaborate with Hairy Larry/Free Culture

 From Hairy Larry Rocks Links

 MixRemix Radio
 Creative Commons Jazz on the Internet Archive


 Related To Geeks

 Related To Geeks

 SFF Short Stories
 Featuring Larry Heyl's Super Shorts, Creative Commons and Public Domain Stories.

 Something Blue Archives
 Full concerts including songs featured in the Something Blue podcast, From The Archives Of Something Blue.

 Something Blue
 Blues is the mainstream

 Something Blue Collection
 Blues is the Mainstream. Something Blue features music of the Mississippi Delta as played in the Delta and around the world. You will hear jazz, blues, and other American roots music.including live concert recordings and recordings made in Northeast Arkansas.


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 Adventure Maximum RPG
 This is the blog for the Adventure Maximum Role Playing Game system currently available on Amazon.

 All About Jazz
 Feature Articles

 All The Things Under Heaven and Earth
 This is an Orthodox Gaming Blog.

 Bat in the Attic
 A blog on 40 years of gaming and Sandbox Fantasy.

 bebop spoken here
 For the past sixteen years we've been updating the world about jazz in the north east of England and updating the north east of England about jazz in the world.

 Beyond Earths
 An Actual Play Podcast Exploring the games of the Megaverse!

 BoardGameGeek features information related to the board gaming hobby

 Capitol Bop
 Every jazz show in D.C.

 Covering Art of Wuxia and other RPG game ideas

 Follow Me, And Die!
 Ramblings and Musings on Tabletop RPGs by an Old School Gamer.

 Follow Me And Die!
 Ramblings of an Old Gamer

 Follow Me And Die
 Youtube Channel

 join the herd

 Inspired Unreality Podcasts and If You Play You Win Actual Play Podcasts hosted by Gamer+ in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord.

 Ghostbusters: Ready to Believe
 a Ghostbusters RPG actual play podcast, using Ghostbusters International Rules

 Goblin's Henchman
 Henchmen of the goblin

 Hero's Brew
 An OSR Gaming Podcast for the Tenkar's Tavern Community

 Hexed Press
 Wilderness Adventuring

 Hex Talk
 A Very Serious Hex Crawl Podcast

 Hobbs & Friends
 An RPG podcast hosted by Jason Hobbs

 Jazz & Blues Florida
 Florida's Online Guide To Jazz & Blues

 Jazz Lives
 "Lives" is both noun and verb

 Marc Myers writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings

 Library Of Congress
 In the Muse

 Live Music Archive
 Tapers Heaven on the Internet Archive

 London Jazz News
 A daily flow of news, previews, reviews and interviews

 Marvel’s X-Universe
 X-Universe is a Classic FASERIP Actual Play Podcast that uses TSR’s Marvel Superheroes game, Basic Revised Rules. Seasons 1 through 5 was a story about about villains, not heroes. As they went from robbing ATMs to taking over entire cities, and even crossing over into another world, where they were posing as “good guys”. Season 6 is a reboot, a new start, a group of young heroes, taking on the troubles of their city, one baddie at a time.

 Youtube Channel

 adventures in designing a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy setting

 On the Cutting Edge: Because We Fell While Running With Scissors.

 Album Reviews

 Play What You Want
 Let's roll some dice, watch some movies, or generally just geek out.

 Radio Grognard KING SIZE
 An OSR Role-Playing Game Podcast.

 Ramblings Of A Gamer And Artist
 Where I talk about old school gaming art and various rpgs, especially GURPS

 Related To Geeks
 A podcast about a geeky family. Whether it's about gaming, literature, or music these geeks have got something to say.

 Star Wars Universe Podcast
 a West End Games Star Wars D6 Actual Play Podcast by, Presenting Three Stories, Fall of the Order, The Resistance and Imperial Orders

 Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast
 Who doesn't love board games? Find lots of board gaming (and a few RPGs). Tabletop Bellhop, your cardboard concierge, is here to answer your gaming and game night questions, helping you make your game nights better with tabletop game reviews and advice.

 Helping You Make Your Game Nights Better

 Tavern Chat
 Enjoy a daily chat with your Old School Gaming Bartender

 Tenkar's Tavern
 a blog about RPGs, the OSR, Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeons and Dragons, White Star, Swords & Wizardry, Kickstarters and Kickstarter Failures

 THACO's Hammer
 The Best Ad&d 2e podcast out there. Join the cast and various guest in talking about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition from the late '80s!

 The Book of Sorrows
 AD&D 1e Actual Play Podcast

 The Borderlands
 Steve's Dorky Old-School Gaming Blog

 The Classic FASERIP Podcast
 Covering the Classic Marvel Superheroes game by TSR!

 The Crusader Podcast
 The Crusader Podcast is a fan podcast about the Castles and Crusades Roleplaying Game

 The Esoteric Order of Nerdity
 Worship at the Conclave of Nerdy Goodness

 The Evil Dungeon Master
 Youtube Channel

 The Free Jazz Collective
 Reviews of Free Jazz and Improvised Music

 The Jazz Man
 Ian Mann - Winner of the Parliamentary Jazz Award for Best Media, 2019
 Smooth Jazz and Smooth R&B

 The Legend of Fin Fang Foom!
 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1e, Oriental Adventures rules.

 The PEGShow
 The official Savage Worlds podcast from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Join host, Ron Blessing, and a cast of Savage creators, as they talk Savage Worlds and keep the best fandom in gaming up to date in 20 minutes or less.

 The Save or Die Podcast!
 Can you make the save? Remember those thrilling days of yesteryear, when D&D came in a single box? When rules were there to be guided by the Dungeon master, not in control of him? Where extrapolation was king and fun was the major goal of any adventure? Those days have returned! As with the very title of the podcast, one can imagine dangerous dungeons, Wiley Non-Player Characters, and monsters that might just be able to kill your character regardless of your level? Save or Die podcast intends to cover them all, from the first box set of 1974 to the last of the 1990s box sets. If its Dungeons & Dragons and came in a box, we’ll talk about it. Our fearless Dungeon Masters Vince, Mike and Elizabeth will regale listeners with tales of past events and future possibilities. Magic, Monsters, and Mayhems will abound as we delve into the ideas of light rules and heavy role-playing

 The World of Arkonis
 Join DM Vince as he weaves the warped story of The World of Arkonis, an original Dark Fantasy world in this D&D like game using D&D 5e rules for season 1 and then changed to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1e for season 2+. Things will be wacky, things will be weird, things will not make sense, but hey people will have fun. Maybe you will too? Give it a shot!

 Thought Eater

 Thought Eater
 Musings on tabletop role-playing games from Jeremy "frothsof" Smith.

 Unearthed Arcana
 Part of the Wild Games Productions family of Podcasts, Unearthed Arcana Podcast a podcast about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition in all its glory!

 Updates From The Middle Of Nowhere
 A podcast about whatever is on my mind. I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, occasional gardener, all around eclectic woman, and you never know what's going to be on my mind.

 Welcome to Umerica
 Dedicated to bringing gonzo post apocalyptic content for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games

 You're No Hero
 Youtube Channel